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William P. Coleman Mathematics -- or WPCMath -- is a purposely small professional consulting firm dedicated to developing advanced applications of mathematics, statistics, and cognition in a variety of fields having to do with building a humane and sustainable future. I am also interested in developing the capabilities of the Internet and telecommunications systems as a vehicle for these applications. A copy of my CV is posted here in PDF format.

One prominent area of my work is medicine: randomized clinical trials, clinical decision making, physiologic modeling, healthcare systems, and public health.

The methods built up in thirty years of professional work in these fields are also applicable to sustainability issues in ecology, economics, and policy studies.

If you would like me to work with you in any of these areas, please contact me:

wpc at wpcmath dot com

The first version of this site began construction on 17 Apr 97. Back then -- just after the awaited release of Netscape 4 -- my page was a pioneering use of DHTML. I was pleased that my Statistics Demonstration was selected by Netscape Communications for inclusion in its list of Dynamic HTML Resource sites.

Now I'm reconstructing the site to accommodate my new Herakleitos system -- a Python/XML framework for modeling real-world and knowledge systems, for planning actions in them, and for analyzing them using mathematics and statistics in a logical and AI setting. This will be under construction for a while.

Meanwhile, the educational and tutorial materials from the old site are being rebuilt and transferred to my weblog -- where they'll coexist with a variety of philosophical, artistic, and cultural topics that happen to interest me personally. I mean, after all, in my own life they're already mixed together.

So far, the following items are available at my blog:

There are also the following items available here in pdf format:

wpc at wpcmath dot com
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